The EV-TRACK platform


If you make use of the EV-TRACK platform, please cite it as:
Van Deun J, et al. EV-TRACK: transparent reporting and centralizing knowledge in extracellular vesicle research. Nature methods. 2017;14(3):228-32.

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donePrior to submitting a manuscript for peer-review, you are encouraged to upload the methodological specifications that allow inclusion of the assigned EV-TRACK ID in the material and methods section of your manuscript (see My EV-TRACK)

doneA unique identifier (EV-TRACK ID) is assigned to each publication, along with an experiment number

doneEV-TRACK IDs and metrics will be offered when you submit the required specifications along with the associated publications to EV-TRACK (see My EV-TRACK)

doneEV-related experiments can be queried based on different search criteria to discover EV research (see Search)

doneFor each study, a summary is included that provides a short overview of the implemented isolation protocol and characteristics of the vesicles that were isolated (terminology, (non-)enriched proteins, size, density)


The EV-TRACK consortium created an expandable open-source knowledgebase containing methodological parameters of extracellular vesicle (EV)-related publications. Relevant isolation- and characterization-related parameters are assessed, partly guided by MISEV (Minimal Informations for Studies on Extracellular Vesicles) (Lotvall et al. 2014).

EV-TRACK data mining identified missing controls and inadequate reporting of experimental parameters, which we summarized into the EV-METRIC to measure transparent reporting of isolation and characterization methods. This metric represents a checklist to assess the completeness of reporting of generic and method-specific information necessary to interpret and reproduce the experiment.

Researchers are welcome to expand the knowledgebase by contributing published or unpublished data and recommendations to improve the EV-TRACK platform. Through a community effort, we aim to increase the transparency of reporting in EV research and make data on EV isolation and characterization more easily available for researchers.


The EV research field has expanded rapidly in the last years and is becoming increasingly complex due to heterogeneity, not only of the EV themselves, but also of methodology that is being implemented for their isolation and characterization. EV-TRACK aims to help overcoming this heterogeneity by systematically centralizing experimental parameters of EV-related publications. The EV-METRIC represents an incentive for authors to improve reporting in their publications and provides a transparency label that is straightforward to be interpreted by reviewers, editors and readers.


Current EV-TRACK version: 19.04

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